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erm.... [Aug. 3rd, 2006|09:35 pm]
Dine with Sammy & Co


I am a little drunk..

Not too drunk tho.. If you can read this then I value your opinion (sorry i don't mean to be patronizing) :/

I am unhappy

I can get by yes, but deap down right now, it's not good...
what to do? keep smiling or give up, to be honest right now - I do not know...
people I care about keep on being hard on me, I am there for them but seem to be judged on everything I do and you know what IM TIRED!...
I am not sleeping or eating, work think im great as im always on hand blah blah (to quote "we want more people like you, bloody superwoman") LOL - yeah right...

I have being crying for 2 hours now and sorry if i feel im being sorry for myself but i cant stop, i feel ugly inside and out...